the dSETTLE DSW Program

dSETTLE DSW is a stand-alone software for the preparation and printing of the HUD-1 RESPA Settlement Statement form. All calculations are automatic with manual override. Information can be entered and saved in any sequence for the Closing.

Some of the major features of dSETTLE DSW are:

  • Can be used for Buyer/Seller or transactions without Sellers
  • Calculates real estate commission or flat fee and can split between two brokers
  • Contains space on HUD-1 for Sellar Social Security Numbers
  • Settlement Agent telephone number is printed on the HUD-1
  • Default Settlement Address can be changed.
  • Create boiler plate or template Closing Files for recurring closing items.
  • Automatic recalculation of tax prorations when date changes.
  • Automatic check writing with QUICKEN interface.
  • Prints Disbursement report of checks to be written
  • Has complete 1099S reporting module for printed Copy 'A', magnetic media or direct transmittal to the IRS Bulletin Board.
  • Can contain multiple Settlement Agent and Lender Names and Addresses
  • Print full HUD-1 or Buyer/Borrower or Seller's side
  • HUD-1 serves a Substitute 1099S to Seller.
  • dSETTLE DSW runs on Windows 3.x, 9X, 2000, and NT platforms.
  • POC items can be listed in descriptive fields.
  • Performs real time calculations while editing-totals are edited on-screen.

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